You have been on trial with BrokrBindr... and you love it!   How can you now purchase a subscription?

CASE 1:   Standalone User (no one else sharing your BrokrBindr account)

1) Log into your BrokrBindr account (

2) Click on your own name (account owner) at the top right corner of your screen. Choose My Settings. From there, click on the tab that reads “Agency”.
3) In the “Agency Target Plan” dropdown, choose the plan you have decided on. Your options are Broker, Agency or Premium.  If you are not sure which plan is right for you, please visit this page, or speak with our Customer Success manager, Joseph Valenti (, 289-536-2220).

4) If you really are a "standalone" user, you will have selected the Broker Edition. If you are part of a group, please skip to "Case 2" below as you will be buying either the Agency edition or the Premium Edition! 

5) After selecting Agency Target Plan (Broker Edition for a standalone user), you will see a momentary blue progress bar along the top of the screen. Let it complete in a few seconds. Nothing more to do on this page.
5) Return to the upper right-hand corner and again click on your name (account owner). This time, choose My Profile. From there, click on the Subscriptions tab.
6) The subscription tab will present instructions. You will first be asked for your billing address, then for a credit card, and finally you will be asked to choose a subscription (quantity, type and term). You can choose to purchase Quarterly billing and your card will be charged every three months, or you can save up to 20% by buying an Annual subscription.

7) When you're done, you will be able to view/download your invoice. You can also choose to generate a statement at any time.

CASE 2:   You are the Agency Owner and you want to purchase accounts for yourself and your staff .

A) Call the friendly staff at BrokrBindr, first thing!  We will ask you for the names, phone numbers and email addresses for all your staff members. BrokrBindr will then quickly do the work of associating all new users to the same BrokrBindr Agency. Information about all users must be entered PRIOR to buying a subscription.

B) Follow all the steps above, from 1 to 7!
C) Click on your name at the top right corner again, go to My Settings, then Agency, as you did in the first step.
D) You should see a list of your colleagues' names in the lower part of the page. Click on the GRANT button in the left column to assign each user one of the licenses you bought.  If you purchased too few licenses, or too many, call us and we will correct any errors!

 * * * * * *

We have also prepared a video that demonstrates exactly what you will see, what to click and what to expect. It covers some "edge cases" so be patient!

You can access the video at this link: