If you have been invited by BrokrBindr Support to share your screen for help with a technical issue, click on the link below at the agreed-to time. 


You will be presented with a window something like this:

Type in your name, and click "Join". No need to use LinkedIn credentials, no need to sign up for an account, no need to download any software.  

Once you've reached the conference page, you need to join the audio stream so that you can converse with BrokrBindr staff. 

  • If you have a headset and want to join over your computer, simply click on the "MY COMPUTER" button.  
  • If you want to join by phone, either call (289)326-1332 , or click on "MY PHONE" for dialing instructions.

If you do not have a scheduled conference, please contact BrokrBindr technical support to arrange one: