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We also offer a method for your to share your computer screen with us, so that we can literally see the problem you are trying to fix.

First visit the following page. Join.Me is a desktop screen-sharing service that we use here at BrokrBindr.

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You should an area that looks like this (you may have to scroll down a little):

If you are familiar with your computer's file system and how to save a file from your web browser, make sure to save this file in a folder you can get to later. Otherwise, right click on the zip file, and select "save link as" (the exact wording depends on your web browser), and then put it in a folder you know how to get to later.

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Go to the directory where you saved the file "", and double-click on it. This will create another file called It is possible that the file extension will not show, so it will look like "" rather than "". This is fine.

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Drag that new file,, into your Applications directory. This is the standard Mac installation process with which you are likely already familiar.  If you are still unsure, you may need to open another Finder window to the /Applications directory, and do a drag-and-drop between the two windows.

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Go into your Applications directory, and open that version of by double-clicking on it.

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The program will open, with two options: start or join. We want to join, so in that area, type "BrokrBindr", then click on the play button to its right.

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You will be greeted with a dialog asking for your name. Simply type it in and click "knock to join".  NOTE: this presumes that a session has already been initiated by BrokrBindr staff. If nothing is happening, please call us at 888-345-0288 x302 and ask to speak with Joe.

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Once you have been accepted into the meeting, hover over the window and some buttons will appear at the TOP. The middle one is the "Let me share my screen" button. Click on it if you wish to start sharing your screen.

A window will temporarily appear which reads "Waiting for BrokrBindr Host to approve". Your work is done, you need only wait for the presenter role to be handed to you.  

When you do obtain control, a message at the bottom of the screen will briefly say "your screen is being shared", the green buttons of the interface will have become orange, and you may see an orange border around the entirety of your screen. This tells you that you are, in fact, now sharing your screen to the other participants in the chat.