Need a hand from a member of our friendly support team?

No problem!  We are here to help!

You may:

We also offer a method for your to share your computer with us. 

If you are invited to do so, please click the link below for "Supremo_BrokrBindr_Windows.exe".   

We will ask that you save the file to your Windows computer (won't work on Mac!) and click it to run. You may, or may not, see a message from WIndows asking for permission to proceed.

You should then see a screen very similar to this one, which includes the BrokrBindr logo and our phone number.

Your screen will include a 9-digit ID number and a password. 

You will be asked to communicate these values verbally to us over the phone. For security reasons we ask that you NOT (ever!) send such values over email or other means.

By providing us with these one-time values, we will be able to see your screen and guide you through any challenges you are having with BrokrBindr.

Another method involves using the platform.  We invite you to visit this page, download the appropriate client application and let us know when you're ready!