1. Determine what persons in the agency fulfill what roles. 

Though users can define their own roles, we offer the following role definitions:

  • Agency Owner: The agency owner is generally a super administrator, and can manage other users’ permissions. The agency owner can generally review and edit all mortgage applications, and edit notifications, condition sets, etc.
  • Collaborator:  a collaborator can generally edit any mortgage applications, or reassign them to others in the agency
  • Standalone agent: a standalone agent usually cannot edit or review other agents’ applications. They do have permission to use agency-level notifications, condition sets, templates, etc. but cannot edit them.
  • Underwriter / Assistant: An underwriter typically works as a resource for all agents in an office, and so should be have permission to edit all applications   
  • System Administrator: This person may have permission to edit agency-level notifications and other templates, as well as assign/edit permissions for other users.

2. Assign permissions based on their role, especially if they are to be granted all permissions. These permissions are accessed through the Agency owner's "My Settings" page, which is accessed by clicking on the username in the top right corner of the home screen.

  • Agency Owner: We recommend that an Agency Owner grant himself/herself all permissions.
  • System Administrator: The administrator can either be granted all permissions, or granted edit permissions for all user templates, condition sets, etc. , but not granted permissions to edit application contents.

The example below shows the agency owner (Stephen Grant) with all permissions, and the system administrator (Jarrod Butcher) with permissions to edit other agency members' permissions, and to edit various agency templates. 

3. Assign individual permission to the whole group based on recommended processes in your agency.

One common use case is allowing all parties in an agency to view and edit all applications

The example below shows a configuration where all members of the agency have permission to view and edit all applications.

You have substantial freedom to configure permissions to meet your own needs. If you have questions about how particular permissions affect. please feel free to contact BrokrBindr Customer Support.