Users can pull applications from Filogix (D+H Expert) into BrokrBindr. This may be helpful when an existing customer calls for a renewal and you don't want to start from scratch. It may also help if you have an open application that was started in BrokrBindr but hasn't been submitted yet and you want to continue its progress in BrokrBindr instead of Filogix. 

You will need to know the Filogix file number of the application you wish to import.

To start a new application from an existing Filogix application:
1. From the left menu, select Applications -> Start New Application From Filogix 


2. In the dialog box, fill in the four-letter Firmcode, username, and password. 

[Note:Certain browsers may try to prefill the username and password fields. If so, these fields are often highlighted in yellow. Please ensure you are using your Filogix username and password, NOT your BrokrBindr credentials]

3. Fill in the Filogix File Number. It should be in the format ABCD-####)

4.Click Import. 

5. BrokrBindr will use your Filogix credentials to process the information on Filogix and import the data. This could take a few minutes. [Note: If you are editing an existing BrokrBindr application, this operation will overwrite it with the new information from Filogix. Once you save the changes, you will not be able to return to the old BrokrBindr application information.