The Application screen is an integral part of BrokrBindr and likely a screen you will be interacting with often. The Application screen is where you can manage all the information attached to an application.


The application is made up of 2 major sections:

  1. Application Header: This section holds identifying information about the application as well as access to tools to work with the application.
  2. Application Tabs: This section holds the editable fields of the application.

Application Header

The application header is made up of three distinct portions:

  1. Toolbar: This portion holds the identifying information about the application as well as buttons for various tools in the application.
  2. Status Picker: The status picker is a visual tool to manage the status of the application. Clicking a numbered bubble will set the applcation
  3. Ratios: The ratios portion displays an up to date indication of the ratios related to that application.

Application Tabs

The Application Tabs hold all the editable information about the application. Additional applicants can be added by using the "Add Co-applicant" button on the far right. This section contains the following tabs:

  • Application Information: This tab holds all of the general application information. 
  • Property: This tab holds all of the information about properties related to this application. It includes information about the target property, as well as information about any other properties owned by applicants on the application. It also contains a portion to manage the sources for the downpayment on this application.

  • Documents: This tabs holds a list of the documents required for this application.
  • Borrower tabs: These tabs hold the information regarding each of the applicants. As mentioned above, additional applicants can be added to the application, up to a maximum of 4 applicants.

Field Indicators

Field indicators are attached to each of the fields within the application tabs to give you an indication of what is required, recommended and completed.

Required Fields

Required fields are indicated with a red outline and exclamation mark (!) within the input field. A hint will also be provided indicating it is a required field. These fields are required in order to save an application.

Recommended Fields

Recommended fields are indicated with a yellow outline and a hazard symbol in the input field. These fields are recommended for a complete application, but not required to save your application.

Completed Fields

Completed fields are indicated with a green outline and checkmark in the input field. Completed fields are those where successful input has been achieved.