Avatar images and logo images are great pieces of branding material that add a personal touch to emails leaving the BrokrBindr system going to your clients. Avatar images are typically headshots or personal photos of the broker, that allow the clients to identify you.

Both logos and avatars can be uploaded in any image format, as long as the image is under 5MB. While the system accepts images of any dimension, we recommend smaller images as these images can be used for inserting directly into notification emails. We reccomend the following dimensions for logo and avatar images:

  • Avatar:
    • Height:150px 
    • Width: 150px

  • Logo:
    • Height: 150px

Looking to resize your image?

Pic Resize has a great online tool that can resize your image for free.

With your images ready to go, follow the instructions below to get them loaded into your BrokrBindr account.The following steps assume you have already logged into your account.

1) Navigate to the "My Profile" section.

In the top right corner, click your name and a drop down will appear. Select the "My Profile" menu item.

2) Navigate to the "Change Avatar" Tab.

Within the "Profile Account" portlet select the "Change Avatar" tab.

3) Click the "Choose File" button and upload an image. 

Browse your computer to find and upload the images of your choosing.

4) Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the portlet to save your changes.